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Top 5 Habits That Are Bad For Your Heart Health

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Everybody wants a healthy heart. We all know that physical exercise and nutritious diet are the main components in keeping the heart as healthy as possible.

But, what most people don’t know is that there are habits we are doing every day that can negatively affect heart health. Knowing what these habits are and doing something to correct them are essential for proper cardiovascular care.

What are these habits? Read on.

  • Too much sitting
    Have you had those days where you are just sitting in front of your computer playing games or watching TV on the sofa? Is your job a sedentary one where you spend at least 8 hours sitting in front of your computer? Sitting too much can damage your heart. Blood circulation is disrupted when you don’t move. Even those who exercise every day can still damage their hearts if they sit too much. Try to get as much activity in your entire body as possible. Stand up and walk from time to time. Correcting this habit can help you achieve advanced heart health.

  • Too much sodium
    Consuming too much sodium can lead to . High blood pressure definitely increases the chances of developing heart disease. Put a limit on the amount of sodium you consume daily. This does not only mean to avoid salt. Processed foods and salty junk foods carry a lot of sodium. Always be mindful with the sodium content of anything you eat.

  • Too much stress
    People can be stressed out with work, at home or in life. But, if stress is not released, it can take a toll on your heart health. So, find ways to release stress, either through relaxation, vacation and more. If possible, try to avoid the cause of your stress completely.

  • Too much alcohol and unhealthy foods
    You’ve heard it over and over again. Anything excessive is dangerous. This goes the same for alcohol and unhealthy food. Too much alcohol increases blood pressure levels while eating too much non-nutritious based foods can lead to obesity or overweight, another risk factors for heart disease. Try to have discipline when it comes to alcohol and food.

  • Avoiding the doctor
    As long as there are no occurring heart complications, people neglect or are afraid to consult their doctors about heart health. They usually put off their doctor’s visits and place at the bottom of the to-do list. Make sure to have a yearly checkup so that you’ll know not only your current heart health but also your entire wellness status.

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