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Some Bad Habits that Affect Your Heart Health

Some Bad Habits that Affect Your Heart Health

Your heart is hard at work, pumping blood throughout your body 24/7. It’s pumping as you work out, as you watch your favorite Netflix series, it is even pumping as you are reading this article. We are all aware of how important our hearts are for our survival, yet we still take it for granted.

Because signs of heart diseases aren’t immediately obvious, you may put off cardiovascular care. Yes, you can’t predict whether or not you will have heart problems as you age, but there are a few habits you can avoid to help reduce the risks.

  • Smoking. Smoking doesn’t only affect your lungs. You might be surprised to find out that smoking is responsible for one-third of heart disease-related deaths.
  • Frequent dining out. Going out on dates or having a night out with friends is completely alright – healthy even. But doing this every single day can put your heart in danger. You don’t know what a restaurant has put in the food they serve, so when in doubt, cook at home.
  • Lack of exercise. Not many people like to work out, we know. Even our experts here at ADVANCED HEART CARE, LLC enjoy a lazy day or two, but not being active at all puts you in danger of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and also becoming overweight.

While regular checkups at our advanced heart health in Illinois are effective in helping you maintain your heart health, the best habits start at home. Every choice you make impacts your heart.

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