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Life-Saving Tips during a Heart Attack


Heart attacks are both unexpected and avoidable. As part of cardiovascular care, one must maintain their heart health in order to avoid health risks. However, there are various factors that can hinder someone from doing so, such as lifestyle, stress levels, and more.

Even so, it is still safe to learn safety precautions and first aid to help someone in need. Advanced health care in Belleville, Illinois, would tell you that heart attacks can be fatal if not attended to immediately. Help save a life through the following tips below.

  • Notice the symptoms

    WebMD states that symptoms include chest discomfort that feels like pressure, fullness, pain and discomfort that go beyond your chest to other parts of your upper body, and unexplained shortness of breath, with or without chest discomfort.

  • Call 9-1-1

    Get in touch with emergency services immediately. They are your best chance at saving someone’s life. Let the individual sit or lie down.

  • Perform CPR if unconscious

    Buy your time while you wait for EMS. Manual chest compressions or mouth-to-mouth respiration can help promote blood flow throughout the body.

  • Chew aspirin

    While waiting for EMS, let the individual chew and swallow aspirin. Mayo Clinic shares that aspirin helps keep your blood from clotting and when taken during a heart attack, it could reduce heart damage.

Aside from these, we highly encourage our readers to always be prepared. Learning all about first aid and creating a heart attack plan can prepare yourself and your family for unexpected situations.

As such, if you want to learn more about advanced heart health in Illinois, you can always have a chat with us at ADVANCED HEART CARE, LLC.

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