Advanced Heart Care Group is an established cardiology practice. 

It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for your heart health. Our staff is kind, courteous, and always willing to assist. 

Services that we offer:

  • Office cardiac evaluations

  • Electrocardiograms

  • Echocardiography

  • Stress testing

  • Same Day Surgery Clearance

  • Carotid Ultrasounds

  • Holter and Event Monitors
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Cardiology consultations, at Memorial and St. Elizabeth Hospitals in Belleville, Illinois

  • Cardiac catheterization, with angioplasty and stent placement

Certified Cardiologists:

Dr. Omar Almousalli, MD.

Completing his fellowship in Cardiovascular disease in 2001, Dr. Almousalli is board certified in cardiovascular medicine and nuclear cardiology. He was a chief medical resident at the Chicago Medical School in 1998, and has been a fellow of the American College of Cardiology since 2001. He specializes in the treatment of cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure. 

Dr. Mazen Hadid, MD:

A local graduate of Saint Louis University, Dr. Hadid is board certified in echocardiography. He specializes in congestive heart failure, coronary artery diseases, and arrhythmia.   

Dr. Norbert Urbanski, MD. 

Coming with significant experience from Kentucky, Dr. Urbanski is board certified in interventional cardiography and general cardiology. He specializes in cardiac stents and angioplasty. 


We are also excited to announce the addition of a new physician to our office:

Dr. John Lehman, MD.

A current native and resident of Belleville, Illinois, Dr. Lehman graduated from Washington University. He held an academic position there, and received multiple academic rewards. He specializes in aging and heart disease, with interest in clinical trials.